MagneTronz Satellite Spinners

Now launching into orbit...
with patent pending, MagneForce cyclonic power!

Total Spin Control

You have complete control of the spin speed. The faster you swirl, the faster it spins!

Super Strong Magnets

MagneTronz uses powerful, spherical nickel-plated Neodymium magnets. 

Attachable Arms

Attach the included smaller magnets to create rings when you spin.

New Technology

MagneTronz patent pending technology takes spinners to a whole new level. 

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Easy steps to get your Satellites spinning fast!

- click here for full instructions or view the short video -

ball and cup

Place the larger spherical control magnet inside the control cup and screw on the lid.

hand cup swirl

Swirl the control cup slowly to make the control magnet orbit. Swirl either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Satellites swirl above

Place your satellite on a smooth surface and spin it with your hand in the opposite direction of your cup swirl.

satellite with arms

Attach the smaller magnets to make arms that extend out and create a cool ring effect when swirled.